Posted on: January 21, 2008 8:41 am

After a Great Season.

Here's to those Green Bay Packers. The team Nobody expected to go better than 7-9. Ill thake an NFC championship loss over 7-9 any day of the week. But more importantly right now, Go G-men in the Super Bowl. They played the better game last night.

For some reason, all of the thoughts i had in my mind of what i was going to blog here have decided to leave. I wonder where they went.... When they come back, I will post another blog.

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Posted on: January 17, 2008 10:50 am

Most Improved Players 2007.

Defense: Atari Bigby

Offense: Ryan Grant


Atari Bigby went from a penalty machine to a guy who is all over the field blowing people up. 5 interceptions in the month of december after being the laughingstock of the packers defence. Of course, Jarrett Bush was also pretty bad, but he never got better.

Who the hell is Ryan Grant? Thats what everyone was saying when Ted Thompson signed him Just before the season started. Now, Since week 8, he is the second leading rusher in the NFL behind only LT. Where did that come rom?

My point here is, Even I didnt believe Ted Thompson and Mikey Mac were the right men for the jobs here in green bay, but in a few short years, they have rebuilt this team and kept Brett Favre out there as one of the Greatest of all time. I will be the first to admit i have talked a lot of sh** about Mikey mac, especially his play calling, But i will own up and say that he along with Ted thompson Have improved this team a drastic amount.


Posted on: January 15, 2008 9:01 am

Might as well get started now...

I suppose my first blog here will be about the Green Bay Packers, but more specifically, how everyone expected them to finish last in the division with at best a 7-9 record. Throughout the late summer months just before the preseason, As everyone looked at the schedule, with the likes of the Eagles, Chargers, and Giants at the beginning of the year, many of my friends expected an 0-4 start. As i told them that the packers were going to be better than they thought, they all laughed at me. Now i laugh at them. But even I would have never expected them to go 13-3 in the regular season and have homefield advantage in the NFC championship game. This is just crazy. This is why football is such a great sport. All o the parody keeps people guessing. At the beginning of the season, the NFC favorites were looking like the Bears and the Saints. Look what happened there. I love seasons like this one, and also this College season. Predictability in football is no fun. I hope next season turns out like this as well.

On another note, while I'm here, heres my take on the recent sining of Mike Cameron. It's a good signing. That is all.

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